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Playing cards

Playing cards

Our playing cards are made of the highest quality and are designed with vibrant colors to make your next cookout or event a success. With our cards you can be sure to have fun and entertainment throughout the night. Our pack of playing cards are the perfect accessory for any catered event. Get your hands on a pack of these playing cards and let the games begin
  • Care

    To ensure that your cards last a long time, please follow these simple care instructions:

    • Handle with care: Playing cards are delicate and can easily bend, tear or get damaged. To avoid damage, handle the cards gently by the edges only. Avoid shuffling the cards with excessive force or throwing them around.
    • Store properly: Store your cards in a cool, dry place such as a card box or a case. This will protect them from moisture, dust, and other elements that can damage them. It's also best to keep them away from direct sunlight, as this can cause the colors to fade.
    • Clean with care: If your cards get dirty, you can clean them with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use water, soap, or any cleaning solutions as this can damage the cards. If there's a stubborn stain, gently rub it with a soft eraser or a clean, dry pencil eraser.

    By following these simple care instructions, you can make your Tee's Catering playing cards last a long time. We hope you enjoy playing with them for years to come!

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